Outsourced Customer Support for Portland Startups

The Silicon Forest: Beards, Beer, Tattoos, and Startups

Portland is a creative town which is known for the above, but it's also a town brimming on becoming a major city geared towards startups. The excellent economic conditions have helped startups find a place to call home, and thus, Portland has fostered some of the greatest startups in the world. Read on to discover why so many startups have made the move to Portland and how mindStart can help your Portland startup grow with power of our outsourced customer service solutions.

Exponential Growth

As many of you may have noticed, especially if you're living in the Portland area yourself, the exponential growth being had by what was once a chilled out, laid back Pacific Northwest town has compounded upon itself over the past ten years or so. This growth has allowed many advances in the city's infrastructure and overall progression to take place. Portland is no longer a city where people simply pass through; they're now settling in to start something magical, the magic being all of the economic activity and startups which are accelerating the overall enthusiasm and passion to be a part of such a moving startup scene.

Many People are Moving to Portland

With the high cost of living dismantling the lives of several people in New York City, San Francisco, and other tech hubs; several people are migrating to the city of Portland. It's often a refreshing change of pace and there are several benefits to the city, especially for those who are new to town. Generally, you'll find the people of Portland to be welcoming, friendly individuals who appreciate hard work and good times. There are a lot of sociable activities one can participate in, no matter the season. For these reasons, and many more, thousands are thrilled to call Portland "home".

Startup Culture is Everywhere in the City

What used to be an occasional startup appearing every now and then, has seemingly transformed into what amounts to around 1,113 active startups at the time of this article being published (8/14/2017). There are also more investors (5,122 to be exact) than startups in the city of Portland which presents a uniquely inverted situation when compared to many other startup-oriented cities. With all of these investors, there's a great incentive for startups in other oversaturated cities to make the move to Portland and find funding. All in all, it's the perfect time to be in Portland as a startup if you're not already there!

Benefits of OutSourcing Your Customer Support to mindStart

If you do happen to be a startup in the Portland area, mindStart may be just the right solution for you! Our US-based, outsourced customer support is by far the best option when you want to scale and grow your startup with excellent support solutions. We have a variety of fluent customer service agents whose language skills range from English to French to Spanish and beyond. All of our customer service agents take great care and pride in representing your startup and are happy to go above and beyond to ensure your customers are fully satisfied with your product and/or service. If you're searching for an outsourced customer support solution, contact us and we'll be glad to show all we can do for you!

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