Outsourced Customer Support for Seattle Startups

A Historic Town with Rapid Growth

Seattle has been featured in stories, movies, television, books, etc... and it's always been a city which has had a lot of rain, but with that rain comes a lot of creativity. Seattle being a historic town for all of the aforementioned media correlates with the resident's creative pursuits in all things from restaurants to books to art, but the thing we at mindStart are most excited about is the startup culture in Seattle. The city itself is transforming into a massive startup hub and will soon enough be considered just as valuable as San Francisco, New York City, or London in the startup scene. Read on to learn why the city of Seattle is so great and why it's the perfect place for many startups to call home.

Home to Companies Big & Small

With mega corporations such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Nordstrom calling Seattle home, it makes sense why so many smaller startups would have aspirations to set up shop in the city, hoping to one day achieve the level of success these mega-corporations have achieved. Some of the up and coming startups in the Seattle area consist of: Coastline Market, LevelTen Energy, and Silene Biotech.

Massive Amounts of People Moving to Seattle

With all of this startup commotion, there's bound to be several new people moving to the city to check out all of the happenings. According to the latest census reports, more than 1,000 people are moving to Seattle per week. These are truly amazing numbers and signify the massive growth in both the startup scene and the overall economy of the city.

Startups are Popping Up Everywhere

With all of this economic growth and the large number of investors eager to generate profits from their investments, it only makes sense that Seattle is seeing crazy amounts of startups appear everywhere. In ten years, there will most likely be more startups than one ever thought possible in the city limits of Seattle.

How mindStart Can Help You Handle the Growth

With all of this being said, mindStart is here to help your Seattle-based startup grow with the power of our outstanding, outsourced customer service. We help your company interact with its customers while providing top-tier service, right here in the United States. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your startup succeed!

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