Outsourced Customer Support for Toronto Startups

Toronto: The Business Hub of Canada

When people think of Toronto, they often think of a city filled with finance, business, and an overall metropolitan vibe which is difficult to replicate elsewhere. The city offers one of the strongest economies in Canada and provides many high-paying jobs for qualified individuals. There's a lot to be said about Toronto and all of its fantastic features, but there's a new, up and coming force making great strides in the city: startups. Yes, startups. The city is embracing the influx of new technology, cohorts, incubators, and all of the great culture surrounding the startup scene. The city of Toronto realizes encouraging startup growth and community will only provide further economic growth for future generations. With this being said, let's dive into why Toronto is a great city for startups and how mindStart can help Toronto startups succeed with excellent, outsourced customer service.

Investor to Startup Ratio in Toronto

In Toronto, there are currently 4,274 companies and 2,536 investors. This ratio is more in favor of the investor than the startups, which makes for an interesting dynamic where it turns into a "survival of the fittest" scenario. This ratio will allow the city of Toronto to most likely become a city where only the best ideas are worth investing in and the rest are left scrambling. Ultimately, if this ratio continues, it will be a "sink-or-swim" race to the finish line and inspire some of the best and brightest startups to make a success out of their business.

Future Predictions for the Toronto Startup Scene

With Toronto being one of the most successful in the startup community in the Canadian startup scene, it's only a matter of time before all of the Toronto startup incubators start creating Toronto startup jobs and then these startups will transform into full-blown companies. Overall, the projections are looking great and will only continue to rise as the economy continues to flourish.

How mindStart Can Help Toronto Startup Companies

Managing a startup is extremely stressful. Managing customer support for a startup is even more stressful. Why not let us at mindStart take that burden off your hands by providing excellent, US-based, outsourced customer service for your growing startup so you can focus on what you do best and leave the customer relations to us. Our staff is extremely well-trained and educated, our customer satisfaction ratings are fantastic, and the overall value we provide for our clients has allowed many startups to grow even further. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and begin to see what truly amazing customer service can do for your Toronto-based startup!

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