Outsourced Customer Support for Vancouver Startups

Vancouver is Growing and So are the Number of Investors

Vancouver has long been held as a great vacation destination for families seeking a city which is a metropolis as well as a nature-filled getaway. Vancouver possesses a climate which is beautiful year-round; making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Now, with several investors and startups choosing to call Vancouver their newfound home, it's only a matter of time before Vancouver itself will be competing with the big dogs in the world of startups. Read on to discover some fascinating facts about the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia and how we at mindStart can help the startup scene grow!

Startup Acceleration is in the Water

With the large number of startups pouring into the city of Vancouver each and every month, it seems there must be something in the water. Regardless of whether or not this is true, there are many benefits to being located in Vancouver. There are logistical benefits, cultural benefits, talent pool benefits, and so much more. Let's examine some of the aforementioned benefits and how they can help startups accelerate and grow into full-fledged businesses!


Vancouver is located right on the coast of Western Canada while simultaneously being very close the US border near Seattle. This positioning allows Vancouver to create it's own unique startup scene, yet also utilize energy and progression from places such as Seattle and Portland, which are just a stone's throw away. Logistically, this allows for some great collaborative efforts amongst the Pacific Northwest Regions of the United States and British Columbia. Additionally, being near the ocean provides a scenic view from nearly any place in the city. There's also something to be said about coastal cities and why they're usually the most successful when it comes to business. Overall, you can't ask for much better positioning on the map than where Vancouver is located and this proves true when you examine the success Vancouver has had so far with their startup pursuits.

Cultural Benefits

Vancouver has an extremely diverse population and this is great as it allows different ideas to flow and mesh together, solving problems with technology. Startups rely on people from all walks of life due to the simple fact of most great ideas are born after experiencing something out of the norm. When everyone tends to experience the same problems in their day-to-day lives and they never travel, they'll often find themselves in a bubble, both technologically and culturally. Being that Vancouver's current population has become much more diverse in recent years, this has allowed many different and brilliant minds to come together and solve people's problems through the power of technology and startups. It's also worth noting the University of British Colombia produces some fantastic graduates who become a part of the local talent pool, and thus help the city grow.

Talent Pool Benefits Speaking of graduates from the University of British Columbia; there are several fantastic programs throughout the University's curriculum which shape the minds of future, successful entrepreneurs and workers alike. This allows the entrepreneurs to quickly recruit talented coders, marketers, and engineers to bets help them excel in the ultra-competitive, fast-paced world which is Startups. When you have a city filled with ultra-talented individuals, you have a much higher chance of succeeding as a startup.

Investment Has Risen Tremendously

Several big names such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter have already set up satellite offices in the city. This paves the way for smaller companies and startups to make waves and gain funding, as the bigger companies have created and fostered an environment the smaller companies and startups can feed off of, and vice-versa. Overall, the only way is up from here for the city of Vancouver.

How mindStart Can Help Your Startup Grow and Succeed

With mindStart, we specifically work with startups and assist them with outsourcing their customer support through our Austin-based facilities where we have some of the best customer support agents you will ever encounter. All of our customer support agents speak English fluently. Additionally, most of our agents speak French and Spanish fluently. There are even some customer support agents who speak a variety of different languages, not commonly found in most customer support centers. Overall, we place a strong emphasis on knowing your brand, inside and out, and striving to offer only the best customer support for your growing, Vancouver-based startup. Feel free to contact us to learn more about all we can offer. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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