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Washington D.C.: Mixing Politics with Startups

Washington D.C. has long been known as one of the most prominent political areas of the United States, and the world for that matter, but it's slowly becoming a city which has embraced the idea of technology and fostering growth in the form of startups. As Washington D.C. continues to grow in both population and startup activity, it will most certainly become a powerhouse in the startup world. With all of the available capital, power, and overall drive to see progress being made; Washington D.C. has the potential to become an east-coast version of San Francisco, intermingled with political prowess. Read on to learn more about the startup scene in Washington D.C. and how mindStart can help your Washington D.C. based startup succeed through excellent, outsourced customer service!

The Startup Scene in Washington D.C.

As mentioned before, there's a fine blend of politics, technology, and startup growth mentality, all combined to yield what is Washington D.C. on the surface, yet when one dives in further to explore the city, they'll begin to find there is much more than meets the eye. Everything from tax incentives, to shifting away from the traditional political sphere, to the new opportunities for investment within the city itself; Washington D.C. holds many gems all along the way which will prove to be quite valuable in the years to come for investors and startups alike.

Tax Incentives

A decade ago, the top-rate capital gains tax for investors was set at 8.95% but is now set to be reduced to a much more attractive 3%. This will definitely prove to be quite the valuable shift when appeasing investor interests and will thus accelerate the potential for further investment into the entirety of the startup scene. As more and more startups and investors are attempting to reduce their tax liability, the more attractive Washington D.C. is as a hub for their operations.

Shifting Away from the Political Sphere

Politics aren't what they used to be. Gone are the days where one would be recognized as a stand-up citizen for participating in the "Washington Machine" and the money involved has dwindled considerably over the years. Now, city officials are looking for alternatives to stimulate the local economy and startups are able to do just that. Soon enough, Washington D.C. may be known as a tech city instead of a political city.

Investing Within the City Itself

One of the best ways to further stimulate the economy and have all aspects of the city begin to move along at an accelerated pace is to reinvest earnings. The city is doing exactly just that. Surely there will be many opportunities to exponentially increase the potential for Washington D.C. to skyrocket in the startup scene.

How mindStart Can Help Your Washington D.C. Startup

mindStart is all about offering premium, outsourced customer service at a cost-effective rate. We're based right here in the United States (specifically Austin, TX), and being that your startup is based in the greater Washington D.C. area, it would be best to be a patriot and keep your customer service initiatives within the U.S. to further stimulate the national economy. To learn more about our offerings and how we can take your startup to the next level through excellent, outsourced customer service, contact us! We'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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