Reasons Why Customer Service is Outsourced

Reasons Why Customer Service is Outsourced: mindStart's Perspective

Customer service outsourcing is becoming more and more popular as the competition increases and the overall remote nature of the growing workforce continues to expand by leaps and bounds. No longer must you strictly adhere to following the status quo with your customer service efforts. Now you're able to define, implement, and proceed with some of the best customer service solutions available from an industry-leader such as mindStart. Read on to learn more about how we're able to help you grow, reach your goals, and be a true influencer in your niche when it comes to the quality of your customer service. Discover how with the help of mindStart, you're able to reach new heights and truly understand why so many have chosen to outsource their customer service efforts to our amazing customer support center.

Time Management

Time is a constant and it always seems to be moving faster and faster as each year goes by. We recognize this fact and incorporate efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence into each and every step amongst the services we offer our clients. This process of reducing overall time in our series of operations will allow you to have a greater, positive impact on your company's workflow and agility. Time management is a crucial aspect for any company, yet with startups, it's truly vital to your success. Everything moves extremely fast at a startup level and with that speed, you'll require the tools at your disposal to best dedicate every aspect of your startup's operations to their most efficient component possible. At mindStart, we live and breathe this mindset and we're excited to begin blending our operations and processes within your existing elements and workflows to best direct all parties involved to the highest level of success.


Cost-savings is a large reason many companies choose to outsource their customer service efforts. While some may prefer to have an in-house team, the true costs associated with said in-house teams are often exponentially higher than the competitive prices we're able to offer our valued clients. Let's say for example your company resides in the greater New York City area. According to Glassdoor, you'll have to pay an average salary of nearly $52,000/year for a single employee. That figure excludes the cost of benefits, payroll tax, office space, computer equipment/software, snacks/food, etc... All in all, you could end up paying anywhere from $65,000-$70,000/year per employee in true costs if your startup is located in the greater NYC area. With mindStart, we're able to deliver exceptional results at a fraction of the aforementioned cost of hiring an in-house customer support specialist.

Logistics & Regionality

With the fact we're based onshore with our customer support operations (Austin, Texas specifically), we have the ability to maintain strict quality control and provide excellent customer service from our U.S.-based headquarters. This quality provides startups from all around the world with the luxury of having U.S.-based customer support at an optimized price point. Whether you're in London, NYC, SF, etc... you'll find our U.S.-based customer service options to be top-tier and even exceed the quality of in-house customer service operations. Another advantage of our logistic capability is we're able to operate 24/7-365 on behalf of your startup. This allows you to truly be available to your valued customers anytime, anywhere through our extensive service operation availability. With globalization becoming more and more prevalent amongst all niches, you'll owe it to yourself and your customers to include our excellent, round-the-clock service capabilities as a part of your customer service package here at mindStart.

Language Abilities

Being multi-lingual offers many new opportunities to form and develop over time. With mindStart, the majority of our staff members are multi-lingual with fluency in many languages ranging from Spanish, to French, to German, to Japanese, etc... If you're looking to expand into new markets with newly supported languages, mindStart can help you achieve your goals while facilitating communication between your customers, our customer support representatives, and your headquarters. Offering support in a multitude of languages will truly help your startup grow and expand.

Our Highly-Educated Staff

When you choose to work with mindStart, your customers will be engaging with our highly-educated staff who nearly all possess 4-year undergraduate degrees with a focus on everything from Psychology, to Business, to Management, to Sociology, etc... With all of these great minds under one roof, there's an energy and level of sophistication which is difficult to find elsewhere.

How mindStart Makes a Difference in Your Startup

mindStart helps your startup triumphantly accomplish your goals through the power of our excellent customer service operations and resources. We've helped many startups all around the globe reach new heights with expert levels of customer service and we're always providing new and innovative ways to further define and enhance the overall processes involved when implementing a successful customer support program. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our offerings, our capabilities, and how we can best help your startup maintain its growth trajectory over time through our excellent, outsourced customer service methods. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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