US Based Customer Service for Japanese Companies

An Originator

Japan has long been an innovator, an enthusiast for all things technology, and an originator in all related fields of technological advancement. There are many exciting things happening every day in Japan with everything from robots to gaming to artificial intelligence. The technological capabilities of such a country are virtually unlimited. This is the perfect scenario for a growing startup environment to begin to thrive and that is exactly what is happening in the country of Japan.

Investment is Strong

In a country where investing in one's self through meditative methods, health, and wellness is quite common; it makes sense that Japan would be willing to invest in their infrastructure throughout history within technology and startups. Some of the most successful startups in the world have been founded in Japan. Nintendo, the famed video game producer, was once a playing card company and has been growing ever since its inception in 1889. With all of these success stories, Japan has a strong wave of previous successful milestones to ride when it comes to keeping the momentum rolling. Due to its successful history, outside venture capitalist groups are investing heavily, waiting for the next big thing to form.

Startup Culture

In Japan, there's a sense of pride in all things "startup". There are many new and successful rising startups which are garnering attention from all around the world. These startups range from FinTech to MedTech to PetTech startups and everything in between. This growing shift towards embracing uncertainty and venture capitalism where the risk is high but the rewards are even higher is becoming commonplace in the business world of Japan itself.

Customer Service Solutions for Japanese Startups

If you belong to a Japanese startup yourself or know of a startup which is growing at a rapid pace and in need of an outsourced customer service platform, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through all of the benefits of switching to mindStart and the success you can expect. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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