Why Smiling While On the Phone Can Improve Customer Service

Smiling While On the Phone: Does it Help Customer Service?

Many studies indicate when you smile in-person you'll receive a better outcome and feel healthier, happier, and live a much more fulfilling life. What about wen you smile on the phone? Does your voice change? Do your words being spoken come across in a more positive tone? Will you be able to produce a better experience for the customer you're interacting with when they call in for support? All answers to these questions seem to be a resounding "YES!". Read on to learn more about the effects of smiling on the customer service process and how mindStart can help your startup with our excellent, smiling customer support representatives.

"Why Can I Determine When Someone is Smiling On the Phone?"

Most people can sense when a person is in a bad mood, but what about over the phone? Numerous studies have indicated that we as humans are very much aware when a person is in a bad mood and will often ask the question "what's wrong?" when communicating with someone who is not in a happy frame of mind when communicating with us. It most likely stems back to our cave-people days where language was heavily dictated by tone, grunts, and general disposition of the noise being uttered from our mouths. When you combine those primal tones with our modern day language abilities, you'll have a perfect combination of humans being able to pick up on subtle nuances in the words being uttered from someone over the phone.

Statistics About Smiling On the Phone

Some statistics and facts about smiling is that the act of smiling by itself affects your vocal tone, it's a great mood booster where emotions follow suit to actions, it brings the other person's spirits up as well, and it creates an environment where everyone feels more enthused and happy.

Smiling On the Phone Research

Research has show that many conversations can be migrated in a better, more positive direction if one chooses to smile instead of frown or remaining neutral with their facial expressions. It may seem unnatural at first to have a glowing, bright smile plastered on your face all the time, but when you try it, you'll most definitely notice the positive effects it can bring to your life.

Does Smiling On the Phone Increase Sales?

According to all of the aforementioned research and statistics, it would indicate that yes, smiling on the phone would most certainly increase sales with your startup. Being that smiling creates a better energy for the call's environment, you'll begin to notice an upward trend in sales when your customer support representatives are smiling while communicating with your customer's and solving their inquiries.

Let mindStart Smile On the Phone for You!

So now that you know the amazing effects smiling can have on the phone for your startup, let us handle the rest for you. Our customer support representatives are always smiling and happy while engaged with your past, present, and future customers and they're most likely smiling and having a great time with their co-workers as well. We truly embody a positive working environment here at mindStart and it shows when your customers interact with our customer support representatives. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how mindStart can help you succeed with our excellent, smiling customer service!

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