At mindStart, we provide an outsourced customer support solution across multiple platforms.

We know your business depends on your customers, and they have to be able to get support when they need it. We offer around-the-clock service to ensure that somebody is always there to answer any question your customer may have – 24×7, 365. Our solutions are scalable and we’ll work with you to fit any need – big or small!

  • Multi-channel support (phone, chat, email, social, etc.)
  • Self-guided support through the creation or augmentation of a “how-to” video library
  • Consulting with internal teams to create or update customer support policies, procedures, and scripts.

Our customers come in all shapes, sizes, and stages of their business. What they have in common are two things: their innovative products and their need to augment their team with mindStart’s excellent customer support.


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Your company released several patient-focused products over the past few years, and you’re working to find a good balance between patient support, patient education, and enhanced content development from your marketing team. What you need is a customer service provider who can help you when you’re first launching new products, and a partner who is flexible when scaling to your needs. mindStart can help you by:

Call Center

With the ability to tap into the mindStart on-demand support function, you’re able to augment your team with several call center operators who are trained on your product, but aren’t solely dedicated to your business. This offers a pricing structure that is optimized for your needs.

Process Development

As an added resource for your marketing team, mindStart’s process logs all customer interactions, and our Client Service team helps to identify trends in customer inquiries. This saves your Marketing and R&D team time with product upgrades and the creation of patient education and product training.

HIPAA Certification

To be compliant with regulations, those who work on your business are trained on both general HIPAA compliance and your company’s patient privacy policy. We retrain our team at intervals determined by you and the necessary regulatory bodies.

You saw an unmet need in the market and you created a product to capitalize on the opportunity. You’re receiving all kinds of accolades and press, and rumor has it you might be included in Oprah’s Favorite Things list this holiday season. Business is booming, your dreams are coming true, but your marketing admin can’t keep answering calls from customers if you’re going to keep growing at this rate! You need someone to do everything for you and quickly!

Multi-Channel Support

Phone, email, chat, social… any way customers reach out, you want to be there to help and you want to be there when they need you mindStart is able to offer 24x7 support across all of these channels to ensure timely responses. In fact, mindStart averages 90% of calls are answered within 30 seconds!

On-Demand, Automated Support

Since your product is so easy to use - which is a key differentiator from the status quo you busted through - your customers deserve the same easy ways to find answers to their questions. Sometimes calling or chatting is overkill for what seems like it should just be simple to fix. mindStart takes our product knowledge and combines it with our training and expertise in developing step-by-step how-tos to create a video library or written guide for your customers to follow.

New Client Onboarding

Our quick onboarding process can have our agents up-and-running in as little as 10 business days. Think of how many calls will be answered in mere seconds, emails returned within hours, or social posts “liked” you would be missing if your partner isn’t as nimble as mindStart!

Who doesn’t like receiving packages… even if it’s a package they ordered for themselves?! You like having your customer support team in-house, because it offers your team more control over the message, but your customer base outgrew your internal resources and you’re in a pickle. The mindStart team can augment your internal CS department by picking up channels or shifts.


With inbound calls covered by your in-house team, you want to offer click-to-chat service to your customers, and mindStart is able to fill that role. Working seamlessly in your internal systems, we can pause orders, review package tracking information, update expired credit cards, and even make product recommendations all through the chat platform of your choosing.

Nights and Weekends

We can supplement your internal CS agents and be your backup for night-shifts, weekends, corporate holidays, and your busiest season. With our flexible on-demand plans, we can offer you agents trained on your systems and processes to pick up these shifts.

eCommerce Compliance

When dealing with your customer’s payment methodology, the mindStart team follows all best-practices to ensure privacy and security are adhered to each step along the way.

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