Self Service Automation

Unlike most contact centers, we work with you to provide resources so that your customers don’t even need to call your customer service line. Many of today’s consumers want to figure it out for themselves. We can provide web and video how-to guides so they can do just that.

Online Guides

Our award-winning software and support team tracks all customer inquiries, and create lists of the most common customer concerns. We can then work with your business to create FAQ lists so that your customers can answer their questions without picking up the phone.

How-To Videos

mindStart can do so much more than creating static FAQ lists. Our team can work with your business to create online how-to videos so that your customers can see exactly the steps they need to take to solve their specific problems.

Additional Support

If your customer prefers to speak with a customer service representative, they’ll still have access to mindStart’s live support. Our team will work with them to solve their problems quickly and accurately, and then add the customer’s concern to our database so we can develop solutions for the future.

Results include:

Dynamic Support

Customer demands are always changing, so why should support be static? Our team will work with you to evolve your solutions as your customers demands change.

Empowered Customers

Over the years, customer support has gotten a bad rap. Consumers like to be able to solve their own problems without having to make a call.

Controlled Expenses

The fewer calls, the less money you spend. Our award-winning operations department will collaborate with you to optimize your spending so you get the most for your money.

Multi-Channel Support

With mindStart’s support, your customer will always have an answer to their question. Whether they solve it themselves or call our award-winning support, our team will ensure they’re happy.
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