Social Media Monitoring

Your company brand is everything. The ability of potential customers to locate your brand can make or break an opportunity for profit. mindStart’s award-winning team can manage your social accounts and group chats so you don’t have to.

Customer Support

Today’s consumer takes advantage of every channel available to them. Our social media experts make sure that every customer that reaches out on social media has their concern answered promptly and accurately.

Brand Credibility

Being responsive to your customer’s concerns on social media is critical. Because the interactions are public, having prompt answers is important to show potential customers that you care about their concerns and have answers to their questions.


Our groundbreaking software makes sure that every customer gets their concerns addressed. Every social media post, good or bad, comes in as a ticket so that our social media experts can see what your customers are saying and respond accordingly.

Results include:

Customer Satisfaction

When your customers decide to take an issue public, chances are that they’re not happy. Our team will make sure their questions are answered promptly so they’re satisfied.

Building Your Brand

In today’s world, consumers want to see a brand that is responsive to customer concerns., Our social media support will prove to potential customers that you care.

Positive Interactions

Even in support, not all social media interactions are bad. Our team will respond to every interaction, good or bad, so you can build your brand.

Increased Flexibility

Managing social media channels is a full-time job. When you trust mindStart with your social media, you have more time to focus on what matters - building your business.
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