Utilizing Customer Support for Enhancing Social Media

April 29, 2020

Have you considered using social media to help connect with customers? In a business setting, social media goes beyond broadcasting messages; it gives you the ability to interact with existing and potential customers in a way that traditional marketing platforms cannot.

This potential for two-way communication in a more personal format offers customers the opportunity to deepen the relationship with you. However, most business experience difficulty in creating bandwidth to monitor all the comments and reply in a timely manner.

While some companies might see this as a challenging problem to solve, we see this as an opportunity to partner with business to help them engage with customers on this new digital frontier. Viewing social media through a customer service lens, mindStart sees this as another channel to offer a timely response to questions your customers have, in addition to calling, emailing, or chatting with our agents. We welcome the chance to leverage our team to help deliver a world-class experience to your existing and prospective customers.

Right now we are helping our small-businesses and start-up clients monitor and respond to their social media feeds. We work with our clients to help keep their messaging on-brand and compliant by creating guidelines for responses and developing pre-approved responses to use as well. This helps us deliver quick and appropriate responses to clients and potential customers.

Reach out to mindStart and find out how we can help you maximize the use of social media for your business.