What AI Can Mean for Your Business

August 16, 2019

With mindStarts variety of consumer products clients, we work with many 3rdparty platforms including Simplr and Shopify. And more and more clients are interested in exploring what AI can mean for their customer service efficiency. Check out the recent release from Simplr below.

Simplr, the startup providing high growth e-commerce businesses with outsourced, on-demand U.S.-based customer service, announces a new app for Shopify merchants. The app connects brands on Shopify with a network of Simplr Specialists, along with an AI-powered dashboard that gives merchants business intelligence to support broader business decision-making.

Simplr’s customer service dashboard provides retailers with actionable insights.

With the growth of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, the barrier to entry has never been lower for entrepreneurs to start their own online retail endeavor. But small businesses and startups often lack the resources or bandwidth to prioritize customer service and in a 24/7 connected world, customer loyalty is driven by speedy and efficient support. Gregory Ciotti of Shopify agrees that, “Exceptional customer service has always rested on creating personal, human connections with customers. Doing so pays you back in multiple ways: you’ll help customers save time, reduce the number of unnecessary requests, and use their feedback to improve the overall shopping experience.” When internal resources are tight or large-scale outsourcing is too expensive and requires long term contracts, entrepreneurs will sometimes take on customer service themselves or assign it to product teams who bootstrap a solution that lacks consistency and efficiency.

Simplr acts as the backbone of customer engagement, streamlining operations while lowering costs, and creating happy customers who have their questions answered and needs met.

The new Shopify Simplr app allows merchants to:

  • Respond to customers instantly. Merchants can choose to keep support on during the hours they need the most bandwidth, like evenings or weekends. Current Shopify Plus merchant, Tecovas, was able to reduce its response time by 50% by adding overnight and weekend support with Simplr.
  • Increase customer conversion rates. Simplr helps merchants increase their customer conversion rates by stepping in to support volume on client responses. Shopify Plus merchant Thursday Boot Company was experiencing significant fluctuations in volume and needed a way to have someone on call for when they needed additional bandwidth. Simplr provided on-demand customer service with quick response rates that were consistently high-quality, freeing up the Thursday Boot team to continue taking additional orders and pre-orders.
  • Pay a flat fee per resolution. Merchants are only billed a flat $2.25 per resolution, not per inquiry or question, so they only pay when a customer has received the answer they’re looking for and the price remains constant and affordable. There are also no minimums or long-term contracts, so merchants are free to scale Simplr support up or down as their needs change.
  • Understand what your customers are saying. Features on the Simplr dashboard use AI and machine learning capabilities to analyze data on customer trends, questions and interests and contribute to actionable intelligence. Simplr’s client dashboard is constantly learning. Over time, it can understand intent recognition and uses smart tagging for inquiries.
  • Leverage intelligent routing. Simplr’s platform can examine the customer’s first point of contact, then quickly funnel from customer to the correct Specialist in the platform. It then offers recommended answers for the Specialist to use based on past customer trends and data. This level of sophistication in data management is typically reserved for enterprise solutions, but is now made available to entrepreneurs on Shopify via the Simplr app.
  • Keep existing marketing and sales tools. Simplr works with popular tools and channels like Zendesk, Intercom, desk.com and Facebook Messenger so merchants can keep using the programs that already work for them while onboarding Simplr support.

“It’s clear to us that the popularity of the Shopify platform – with over 500k merchants currently – represents a significant opportunity to provide our partners with tools that help them compete with e-commerce giants,” said Eng Tan, CEO & Founder of Simplr. “With Simplr, we want to revolutionize the way that brands on Shopify can nurture existing customer relationships, cultivate new ones and leverage customer service as a significant driver for greater business growth.”

Getting started with the Simplr app is easy. Shopify merchants simply download the app from the marketplace, answer a few startup questions, and sign up for a free 7-day trial – no contracts or commitments needed.

StethoHope, a Shopify merchant, was able to save 10 hours a week to focus on strategic growth and marketing using Simplr’s technology and network of Simplr Specialists to handle customer service. “The Simplr app makes it possible for my business to take advantage of the efficiencies of the latest AI technology along with great personal, human relationships with our customers,” said Kenneth Jackson, Chief Hope Officer of StethoHope. “This allows our team to focus on creating great products and giving back to the community while our customers receive great support from Simplr Specialists”