Why Us

At the inception of mindStart, we asked ourselves the question “why does customer service outsourcing have such a negative connotation?” We were fed up with lousy experiences and decided to do something about it. At mindStart, our goal is to change the perception of the customer service industry by offering a five-star customer service program that our clients – and their customers – actually enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your business process by outsourcing (aka BPO), increase your customer satisfaction rankings while developing brand loyalists, or interested in cost-containment and flexible pricing for seasonality in your business, mindStart was built to help growing organizations meet their everchanging needs.

We are based in Austin — the live music capital of the world, home to entrepreneurial groundbreakers like Dell Computers, Whole Foods, SolarWinds, and Tesla — and a pretty awesome place to work. Being from here means we appreciate the spunk, scrappiness, and start-up culture that so many of our clients hold dear. It also means we have a great talent pool to draw upon. We have also expanded to work with talented agents from all over the U.S. and have a call center in Guadalajara, Mexico to better support clients requiring bilingual agents, more flexible hours, and more flexible pricing structures.

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mindStart is dedicated to supporting your customers through different channels.

Phone, Email or Chat Support

Providing quick, around the clock, support to answer your customer’s questions – whenever they need it, regardless of the channel.

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Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring your social media platforms to ensure brand credibility so that you don’t have to.

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Self Service Automation

Working with your resources to create informative content that allows your customers to solve problems on their own.

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Process Development

Creating systems and processes that improve our database of information on your product to optimize the best support solution for your business.

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Developing a knowledge base, customer self-service tools, and providing product feedback to your product designers all are part of our solution.

Call and Chat Support

Phone, email, chat, social, you name it - mindStart will be there. We provide support 24/7, 365 days a year so your customers will always have the support they need

On-Demand Automated Support

For the simple problems, mindStart can combine our agents’ expertise and product knowledge and create step-by-step how-tos that your customers can follow.

Process Development

Our process logs all interactions and our Client Service team can help identify trends in inquiries. This can save your R&D team time - they can use our customer data to their advantage

Specialized Certifications

Our team is always keeping up with new certifications. We’re HIPAA-compliant, e-Commerce trained, and follow all regulations and best practices to ensure privacy and security.

New Client Onboarding

Our fast onboarding process can have our agents up and running in as little as 10 days, so we can keep up with your changing products.

Who are our customers? We work with clients, both large and small, to curate solutions that work for them.


Supporting the lifecycle of patient-focused products by providing flexible product support, so that our customer can focus on their business instead of product support

New Tech

When you have the next big thing, you don’t have the time to spare for support. Our team can be trained in as little as 10 days and will take care of customer support so you don’t have to.

Subscription Boxes

Everybody likes getting packages, even if they ordered it themselves! mindStart’s team of support specialists can augment your internal customer service team and back them up when your boxes ship out.

Culinary Gadgets

When your customers call, email or chat with mindStart support, you can be confident that our CSR agents understand both the product’s features and its culinary benefit. Our support team hiring and onboarding process guarantees we find the perfect pairing for our clients.

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